Making Evangelism a Part of Your Daily Life

In an effort to make evangelism a part of my daily life, I try to hand out tracts at EVERY opportunity.  I try to pass out tracts when I go out to eat or go shopping or anywhere you find people.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to give away a very large amount of tracts when I go grocery shopping or go to Costco.  I’d go in with a stack perhaps an inch thick and come out with almost none left.

So, today, I decided to keep a running count as I went to Target to pick up a few items.  I bought only 5 items but I was able to give away 32 of the Trillion-Dollar tracts.

I had two notable encounters.  The first was a woman who was clearly a born-again Christian.  I gave her a Trillion-Dollar tract and she was very grateful and supportive.  She seemed to have a heart for reaching out to the lost so I gave her one of my Systematic tracts.  A few minutes after we parted ways, she found me again and asked for more of both tracts.  I gave her a number of them.  For counting purposes, I counted her as only one tract.  In reality, she will be passing out a number of tracts to people I will likely never meet.  Praise God.

The second encounter was another Christian woman.  She’s new to the area and it turns out she has been going to my Church, Calvary Chapel South Bay.  She loves the preaching and wasn’t sure if she was supposed to go to that Church.  Based on our encounter, she now thinks she knows where God wants her to worship.

I would estimate that the act of passing out tracts delayed me a whole 5 minutes.  Not bad for handing out 32+ tracts.  Evangelism doesn’t have to be some major undertaking.  You can simply go about your life and give out the words of life wherever you happen to be.  You’ll probably reach more people that way than going out evangelizing once a week for an hour.  Note that I am NOT against going out intentionally with your brothers and sisters in the Lord.  I just think we should make our whole lives missional, 24-7.

So others can see how easy and casual this can be, I am planning on having my friend Jason follow me around with a video camera as I shop somewhere.  I hope to have the video available next week; God willing.

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. ~ Deuteronomy 6:5

Grace and peace,

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